• Wowie Zowie Website Launch

    Oooh ... at very long last here is our Wowie Zowie website! What a wonderful relief and joy after so many hopes and wishes being dashed for so many years ; ) It is still small and new but it is a start and will get bigger and better with more products every week! For now though, before they sell, which is the very thing which has always halted the starting before, here is a a peak into Wowie Zowie with a starting selection of things we have that we rather like and that you can now buy ... on...

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  • January

    We celebrated our fourth birthday back in November and had a fantastically busy Christmas. Thank you very much to all our lovely customers and friends!Whilst keeping busy working away filling up our shelves with exciting things again and still working on the website : ) we have just had time to set up a Facebook shop page with accompanying Twitter account which is proving to be quite a joy!As well as being busy in the shop in the last year we have been seen on Channel 4's Location, Location and our props on The Royal Family Christmas Special. We have...

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